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About The Founder

Mr. Iqbal Rattan Mehra
Founder & CEO
Nautres Digest Pvt Ltd

Ikhbal Mehrra, the eldest son of Late Sh. Ranjit Mehra and Smt. Rama Mehra received this primary and secondary education at Mount St. Mary’s and Delhi Public School RK Puram, both in New Delhi, India. Henceforth, he left for University of Virginia in Charlottesville for his Engineering where he stood 6th of 18,000 students in the first year with a GPA of 3.9.

After the first year, his keen interest in business and economics led him to transfer to The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia where he graduated with a double major in Finance and Information Systems.

Nature's Digest

What Sets Us Apart!

India’s Leading Pure Ingredient Sourcing Company

Nature’s Digest is India’s leading pure ingredient sourcing company and superlative formulator of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements with best prices and economical advantage. In Nature’s Digest products, each ingredient is supported in absorption and efficacy by its suitable co-ingredient, hence delivering more comprehensive therapeutic benefits and making products more economical for their consumers. Our online e-commerce store has delivery almost every major city and town across India and internationally across the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and South East Asia. (Subject to recent limitations due to COVID-19).

Over 60 Years of Experience

Nature’s Digest has the benefit of over 60 years of experience in the health supplement industry. This comes from its parent company SVAASA Nutraceuticals & Organics Private Limited which had launched the first highest quality international supplements retail store in the Indian Market back in 2005 when nutritional supplementation was an unknown phenomenon and a novel concept. This is the very same group that started Ranjit’s SVAASA, a boutique luxury heritage Ayurveda resort in the city of The Golden Temple, Amritsar. SVAASA Nutraceuticals & Organics launched the first of its kind Holland and Barrett like store in Galaxy Mall in Gurgaon retailing over 800+ nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbs, amino acids, health goods and even organic skin care and cosmetics imported from all different parts of the world. Within the store was the first of its kind holistic consultation practise by Mrs. Rama Mehra, a functional medicine practitioner and Dr. Vikram Pabreja, a traditional doctor practising in integrative medicine in collaboration with Mrs. Rama Mehra. Since, then SVAASA Nutraceuticals & Organics has helped train many Ayurvedic doctors, Nutritional Practitioners in the field of applying Function Medicine for better health and wellbeing.

Our Offerings

From retailing the business diversified with the advent of modern day chain stores to distribution where SVAASA Nutraceuticals & Organics offered one of the most extensive staff-training programmes in the retail industry, an unparalleled range of natural health food products as well as in-store visiting specialist promotions and holistic testing which were a huge success all with an intense commitment to quality of goods at exceptional values.

At Nature’s Digest, we apply all those many years of experience in working in the nutrition and health industry to bring our customers the most advanced nutraceutical formulas nutritional science has to offer. Everyday our research and development team, working with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, are searching to develop the breakthrough formulas of the future.

We bring novel and latest technology in terms of holistic and nutritional testing with path breaking parameters to detect early stages in chronic disease and offer lasting long-term solutions, not just in supplementation but also in lifestyle modifications and food intake.

Our Core Values

Our core values when we started in this alternative health world, which 20,000 years ago would be aptly called traditional medicine remains and shall always be the same:

  • Best ingredients quality
  • Best sourcing with tracing chain
  • Best formulation with groups of other ingredients to increase effectivity
  • Best economical value and low prices
  • Best range of products
  • Best mechanisms of testing and early detection of issues in the health systems of the body
  • Best research and development for the advancements brought about by science with utmost respect to the learning of age-old traditions*

*Our readers may kindly note, that just because we do not have the written verification of some traditional systems of medicine does not mean that we cannot verify it today with our latest scientific advancements. It is also important to note that we are not exactly privy of the hitherto civilizations. There is nothing to say that they may not have been more advanced than our present civilization and having much greater developments and knowledge. Some of this knowledge has thankfully been passed down and conserved and some lost. Just as an example to quote that refined sugar has been brought upon by our current civilization, the consumption of which beyond certain limits as mentioned in educative articles section of our website is very harmful as our liver is not designed to break down more than such limits. However, the natural sugar cane juice from organically grown sugarcane actually helps the liver to heal in times of jaundice. They both are sugars! Just in different forms! One destroys and one heals our health! Another one of nature’s paradoxes and learnings for us! Hence, we staunchly trust and believe in nature and its healing digest of herbs, plants, nutrients and foods that nature has so graciously made available for us!

About The Founder

Always having a logic bent of mind and a determination to get to the bottom denominator, he pursued a short-lived career in consulting as he was destined to return back to India after the untimely demise of his father due to cancer. The last days of his father were spent in Philadelphia with his mother, his brothers and himself where after losing the battle due to debilitating and repeated chemotherapy, high dose vitamin supplementation and various functional medicine practices were applied at last resort. Working with the then acclaimed Functional Medicine Practitioners in the United States, his mother and he were initiated into the vast world of the healing power of potentiated herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, colostrum, probiotics all encompassed by what is known as Functional and Integrative Medicine. These practitioners were as adept at using or prescribing some Yoga Asanas as they were in Massage Therapy or Energy Therapy and Nutraceuticals. His mother, a visionary, after taking some time to settle after her husband’s demise saw this as the way forward for the future of health.

At the time of building Ranjit’s SVAASA and using various eco-friendly techniques in the renovation, he also studies Vastu so that age-old science, modern eco-friendly techniques would both be applied in cohesion to renovate and restore his family’s 250-year-old mansion (Haveli). He has also met Sri Sri Ravishankar who visited Amritsar, as the first Art of Living Chapter was formed in Amritsar by his mother Mrs Rama Mehra. After returning to India from the United States, a variety of tasks were awaiting him.  After sorting through with lawyers million-dollar real estate deals to extricate the family from its liens and debts, he entered two fields of work, development and trade in real estate and his first passion from his childhood and teenage days – HEALTH!

He was known throughout his school as the guy who works out and was diligent at the gym with a Herculean workout as mentioned by his trainer. Several people had influence in his early years and he studied body building books to get his exercises in, with concentration on innate strength first and then increases in weight. All this without any body building products of proteins, only very small intake of Amino Acid complexes on occasion. Food was used as his primary source for protein and energy by following the correct dietary practices and food combinations. This is because it was already evident that consuming cheap and bulk proteins led to hormonal imbalances in men, including bone loss and even cancer. This was rampant at the time and even till date where people do not know the dosage they need to take and the absorption characteristics of high dose proteins. Besides, the cheap quality of the proteins available, not knowing the right brands to trust or to buy was not helpful.

Today, he has after dealing with various international distribution contracts to import the highest quality nutraceuticals and organic cosmetics in India in the family’s first holistic nutrition retail store, he as applied all his knowledge into the creation of ‘Nature’s Digest’ which along with all the research and development has launched incredible, pure, organic, source to supplement products for everyone.

Nature’s Digest is the culmination and shall continue to evolve to encompass Nature’s Wisdom and its Grace into its products as well as philosophies that lead us to recognize our place in this world and our raison d’etre, our purpose or meaning behind our lives.

Health is Wealth and Knowledge is Power! His next passion, technology, where he truly believes that among the growth aspects are the Internet of Things and the continued ease of influence that technology has in our lives is the way forward to improve our living standards.

However, we cannot forget, that we are human beings, in need of the right food, the right nutrition, the right emotional guidance, the right physical exercise, the right spiritual direction and the right mental acuity all in the right proportion to live a fulfilling life!

Nutritional Supplementation Is a Necessity Today

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