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After receiving formal education at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Ved Iqbal Mehra worked in Consulting for a brief period before being pulled into the family business of real estate.

Henceforth, after his exposure to nutritionists during his father’s terminal illness, he along with his mother started the first Nutraceutical and Functional Foods retail outlet in India in 2005. Ever since slowly and gradually being engaged in the Health, Nutrition and Wellness Industry, taking training in Nutritional medical non-invasive devices, attending seminars and workshops he gained knowledge of various beneficial treatments, ingredients and products that would be incredibly helpful to promote wellness and to ailing patients as well. Towards that extent his vision now is to bring to market the best and well researched products, ingredients and philosophies for a wholesome living.

Nature’s Digest is not only limited to products, but any kind of philosophy or guiding beacon that yields life to its fullest potential.

By no meager means, today’s most venerable talisman is “Health is Wealth”.

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