Nutritional Supplementation Is a Necessity Today


The potent question to understand here is the course of its origin and if we have the power to engage it.

Our dietary patterns have been evolving over time, but the most significant changes have happened in the last fifty years. Instead of making our diet more nutritious as one would imagine that progress means positive and meaningful growth, rather it has become further devoid of nutrition since the 1900s in a furiously exacerbating pace compared to the its change in the past 5000 years.

A Tribute To Nature


What Is Nature’s Digest

Nature’s Digest is a tribute to nature. Its endeavour is to bring the best of nature in its purest form available today to its consumers. It relies on research and studies on one hand and the ancient texts of Ayurveda on the other merging the two in synergistic symbiosis.

Nature’s Digest is not only limited to products, but any kind of philosophy or guiding beacon that yields life to its fullest potential.

Our world today is rapidly changing more so than ever before as the rate of change of lifestyle, technology and the environment in contrast to our evolution is increasing from decade to decade as compared to from century to century.

The radio, television and frequency waves of communication have evolved tremendously and so have sources of electricity from coal to nuclear to solar.

When we speak of our food, genetic modifications, alterations in soil composition, deterioration of water tables, changes in sea life composition leading to changes in fish nutrition content all have undergone tremendous change and unfortunately this is for the worse.

In these times there are certain movements, companies, organizations and individuals who in their own way are trying and striving to maintain harmony with nature, respect nature’s abundance and its powers and retain as much of the original content as possible. Nature’s Digest is one of them.

Safety and Quality

We have carefully selected the source of each ingredient and synergistic combination based on the latest research and scientific trials where possible to bring to you high quality, effective, highly absorbable holistic supplements. Our ingredients and products are carefully tested to be free from any heavy metals, artificial preservatives or colourants or any other nasties that would hinder the absorption of the vital nutrients.

Ingredient Research

We undertake to formulate in our products ingredients which qualify our rigorous testing process and criteria:

• Evidence based
• Sufficient amount of research publications
• Clinical trials where possible
• Absorption studies to provide its efficacy within the human body

Once we have sufficient acumen on an ingredient only then do we include it in our formulations for the highest benefit of our consumers.


We understand your money is valuable and so is your time. To that end we endeavor to bring products that are high in value for money metrics, dosage per serving and highly absorbable so as to provide you with the maximum benefits in the shortest duration of time. We’ve made our products affordable and accessible to all. With modest margins we aim to bring the best products at economical prices!

Efficacy: Ingredients

There are primarily two aspects, well actually three but the third aspect we shall come to later. The first two aspects to any product are ingredients and combination. Every ingredient derived from a plant base or animal source is first or foremost taken from a pure, natural, organic or sustainable source. Thereafter, the process of purification and concentration is carried out at world class certified facilities leading to the concentrates, extracts, or active ingredients. These ingredients are then used to develop the nutritional or cosmetic products.

Efficacy: Combination

The next aspect is combination. For higher absorption in the human body, the mode of supplementation and the combination of the ingredients are both of great importance. For Example Iron absorbs better if taken with something Citric or a Vitamin C and Curcumin absorbs better if taken with Black Pepper Extract and so forth. Every active ingredient may either be taken individually or the extract it is combined with a friendly and compatible ingredient or ingredients, where the synergy of the combination leads to a much higher delivery percentage within the human body thereby providing much greater value to its consumers.

Efficacy: Time

The third aspect Is the time and method of delivery of the nutritional supplement. In simple terms, vitamins are best taken during the day and minerals more so before going to bed.

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