Reverse Sugar Effects Combo

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Help boost immunity and reverse ill-effects of excess sugar, high bad LDL cholesterol and high triglycerides with low good HDL cholesterol, type 1 or type 2 Diabetes with these two potent extracts of sugar destroying herbs and immune boosting herbs.

Curcumin helps break down deep stored fat cells around organs, boosts immunity and an antiviral action and Gymnema helps in reducing sugar in the blood, reducing sugar cravings and sugar addiction as well as increasing the production of insulin releasing cells in the pancreas.

An excellent combination to reverse ill-effects of modern day diet. And to help young and old fathers and parents with their metabolism and immunity.

What is unique for Nature’s Digest CURCUMA is that the Organic Curcumin 95% extract is blended with Organic Black Pepper for boosting by over 2000% the difficult to absorb nutrient that is Curcumin.

For Gymnema, Nature’s Digest presents the only potent 75% extract for maximum efficiency and results unlike other brands where lesser potent and lower dosages may not be as effectual when needed.

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