Gut Military Carrot Essence Organic Juice Powder 150gms

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Health Benefits of Organic Carrot Juice Powder

The natural Beta Carotene and all the B-Vitamins present in Carrot juice powder help to improve the immunity by supporting it in warding off infections and fighting germs.

Carrot juice is studied to help prevent heart disease, risk of stroke benefit the eyesight from its rich antioxidant content. The eyesight especially in current times is highly stress with WFH, online school and tution and excessive use of mobile screens across ALL AGE GROUPS!

The Potassium present in carrots helps in blood circulation, bone health and assists in lowering of high bad cholesterol.

Research shows that the carotenoids present in carrots help to protect against several cancers.

Carrot juice is highly beneficial for the SKIN as it contains several antioxidants in rich amounts such as Beta Carotene that provides Vitamin A which help in eliminating oxidative stress and healing the skin and evening out pigmentation.

Carrot juice helps the liver eliminate toxins and is also supporting in digestion.

The high content of dietary fiber in carrots help maintain a feeling of being satiated hence it helps fitness enthusiasts in their workout routines or their targets of shedding off unwanted weight!

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