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Ingredients: Curcumin 95% Extract, Black Pepper 5% Extract

Curcumin – The active ingredient from Turmeric Extract

One of nature’s miracle ingredients

Of all of nature’s abundance there are a few herbs and spices that have an unparalleled therapeutic impact on living beings. Curcuminoids, the active ingredients in turmeric extract is one of those jewels of nature!

New and challenging diseases are caused every few months or so in the rapidly biologically and environmentally changing world. As the roots causes are either viral, bacterial or fungal, their new forms and chemical structures are leaving much room for the medical world to play catch up. One of the places to look for solutions is our very own Mother Nature.

For thousands of years in the Indian and South – East Asian diet we have consumed a known anti-infective that is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal in nature. Curcumin which is responsible for the yellow colour in turmeric has proven biological and pharmacological properties including but not limited to anti-inflammatory, anti-angiogenic and anti-neoplastic properties whereas having no toxicity or side effects associated with its consumption.

Recent studies have more appropriately been designed to assess its antiviral and antibacterial activity. The results of such studies showed curcumin to act against various important human pathogens like the influenza virus, hepatitis C virus, HIV and strains of Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and Pseudomonas. Despite all this and even when certain doctors have already started its use for their patients it has not been officially recognised as a therapeutic drug. However, its use as a food and dietary supplement has fast caught on. What is important though is to verify a true source, organic in nature and a potent extract from a reputed facility and synergistic combinations in order to enhance the absorption in our human body to achieve the highest therapeutic benefit of consuming curcumin.

Nature’s Digest Curcuma uses Organic Turmeric Extract and has combined it with Organic Black Pepper Extract for higher absorption. One of the rare and only combinations on the market using research that has shown that Black Pepper enhances absorption on Curcumin by over 2000% in the formulation for the best results of its consumers.

Curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenger. Most of its health benefit are owing to this anti-inflammatory nature. It aids in liver health, heart health, brain health, helps in recovering from sports injuries and is simply one of the few supplements that you can take daily for eliminating harmful effects of toxins that our body is exposed to fight with on a daily

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