Know the source of your foods!

More than ever now is the time to not be complacent about where you are getting the food on your plate! If health is a priority and you have the means, your intelligence and awareness is the only differentiating factor between pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory health!

As you know chronic inflammation leads to lifestyle diseases such as:


To avoid these issues one has to consume more of an #antiinflammatorydiet Wild caught ocean fish such as tuna, mackerel or salmon is much healthier than tank grown fish. Best to find out your source and reject purchasing tank grown fish. Better to help our local fishermen than to ingest in our diet caged grown fish.

Let the fish #swimfree #enjoytheocean

You do not get the optimal benefits of omega3 epa and dha if you consume a fish grown in a cage. You will only get it from a wild caught ocean fish. If not possible to meet your weekly dietary requirements then you should supplement with a pure good quality sustainable ocean fish oil nutraceutical such as the
Nature’s digest #omegaswift

The pure and quality supplementation from

1. Natural triglycerides fish oil which has better absorption and assimilation
2. Double strength EPA and DHA giving twice the nutrition as the EPA and DHA contained in an equivalent amount of fish.
3. Caught from the wild ocean and sustainable waters off the coast of Peru where this fish is naturally occurring.
4. Omegaswift contains GLA which is a potent anti-inflammatory from organic evening primrose oil for its additional anti-inflammatory actions and skin and hormonal health benefits
5. An active nutraceutical base of organic flaxseed oil providing ALA, another anti-inflammatory Omega3 to complete the formula as a 100% active formula.