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Pre & Post Covid Care Kit

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We have all seen that the form of attack of Covid is more virulent in cases where there are pre-existing co-morbidities and complications such as:



Heart Disease, history of heart attack, heart surgery

High Blood Pressure



Other Auto-immune related diseases

There is one thing that is common amongst all these diseases and that is INFLAMMATION

High chronic inflammation, more that what is healthy for the body is the leading cause for above mentioned diseases and continues to be the underlying common denominator.

This Covid Care Kit is for both Pre and Post Covid scenarios including what is called Long Covid where there may be lingering symptoms post recovery. It is compiled so as to provide anti-inflammatory benefits that allow to maintain good health in the blood, tissues and organs by providing natural anti-inflammatory support to the body in the RIGHT DOSAGES.

Products in this Kit:

a. Curcuma 500mg 30 veg capsules MRP 899.00

b. Omegaswift 1000mg 60 softgels MRP 1380.00

c. Ashwatulasi 350mg Ashwagandha Extract 150mg Tulsi Extract 60 veg capsules MRP 1000.00

Dosage: For adults take 1 Curcuma with 1 Ashwatulasi morning and evening daily or once in the morning for maintenance. Take 2 softgels each of Omegaswift daily with meals, or 2 softgels only a day for maintenance. If you have not taken supplements before then for you to build reserves it is important to take the doses twice daily. It takes six months for the body to build sufficient reserves of Essential Fatty Acids hence Omegaswift should be taken as 4 softgels a day for the first six months. After that, it can be reduced to half dose.

For children, half of adult dose.

These products are generally safe and free of side effects. 

Those who are allergic to fish please do not take Omegaswift.

DEAL: 15% OFF Use code SAVE15 on checkout. 


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